What the hell fuck oh shit shit shit shit shit

What the hell fuck oh shit shit shit shit shit

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Buggered Up Shoulder. Not Buffalo Soldier. By the Everly Pregnant Brothers.

Take Soviet Football To A Higher Level! 1954 poster.

Take Soviet Football To A Higher Level! 1954 poster.

Roses are red,
Violets are passive,
Wicked wicked,
Junglist massive.

Full Theme: Nokia ringtone/tune.

Five seconds. One note. Two octaves. That’s all it took for Gran Vals by the Spanish composer Francisco de Asís Tárrega y Eixea to become the most-played tune on the planet and one of the most recognisable melodies of the modern day. 12 seconds in to the video, you will hear the Nokia tune.

Full Theme: Channel 4 News

"Best Endeavours" was composed by Alan Hawkshaw and, as a piece of library music, has been used on several news and current affairs shows around the world and as the backing for a cowboy movie trailer. In the UK, however, it will always be synonymous with Channel 4 News; good evening.

Full Theme: EastEnders

That unmistakable melody! Those synth drumbeats! The strange Pearly-King-on-the-piano solo/middle eight at 1:36 that never gets played on the telly! This is probably to be considered the Urtext version of the famous theme, especially in comparison to the dreadful (and somehow lifeless) “jazz version" of the mid-90s and Anita Dobson’s attempt at bolting words on.

Full ThemeHave I Got News For You.

Where there’s muck, there’s plenty of brass. Big George are the band behind this theme, which is big, brash, raucous and is not to be taken seriously.

Full Theme: The Bill.

This is the full theme from 1988 which sounds like it was composed for the Master System rather than a TV cop show, and is all the better for it.

Not The Nine O’Clock News. Jake Yapp does Channel 4 News.

"Dear God, Who Farted?!" By sketchamagowza.

"Dear God, Who Farted?!" By sketchamagowza.